The contents of PyPI, in numbers

Total files
1.06 Billion
79,285,645 unique
Total lines of text
330.8 Billion
330,777,960,596 to be precise
Total uncompressed size
56.8 TiB
That is ~42,548,957.932 floppy disks
Lines of code added per second
In the month 2023-09-01

This page contains a breakdown of the contents of PyPI from parsing the contents of packages. You can download PyPI locally to do your own analysis or run SQL queries on the data in your browser

Language Features

This data only counts unique projects, not versions. e.g if a project has published 10 versions in a month, each containing an async function, it will only be counted once.


list comp226,07249
generator expression121,22926
dict comp89,23219
set comp21,7465
async comp1,0640
try star220

Project Contents

This data only counts unique projects, not versions. e.g if a project has published 10 versions in a month, each with a file, it will only be counted once.

Secrets Detected

PyPI contains a lot of secrets.
Google API Key4,086
OpenAI API Key3,589
Tencent Cloud Secret ID1,915
Amazon AWS Secret Access Key1,649
Amazon AWS Access Key ID1,379
Google Cloud Private Key ID1,101
Slack API Token1,065
Telegram Bot Token872
Slack Incoming Webhook URL786
SendGrid API Key749
Mailgun API Key718
Mailchimp API Key676
Stripe API Key662
Twilio Account String Identifier579
Alibaba Cloud AccessKey Secret557


9.16 million


1 billion

PyPI is growing fast. If this dangerous expansion not stopped, our advanced machine learning models predict that in only 8 years the number of packages will outnumber human beings.

Witness this inevitable future

Binary files

This shows a breakdown of the binary files on PyPI, by extension. Binary files are the vast majority of the content on PyPI, accounting for nearly 75% of the uncompressed size.

extensiontotal filestotal sizeunique files
.so6,481,43819.9 TiB3,598,829
.pyd1,727,6804.0 TiB1,584,250
.dylib1,067,6092.8 TiB350,208
.dll1,281,1991.9 TiB375,221
No extension4,767,9971.9 TiB1,664,068
.2150,3261.5 TiB17,416
.0591,9121.2 TiB65,769
.jar418,743846.4 GiB42,688
.png24,911,144495.1 GiB772,078
.1287,364450.7 GiB39,162
.lib113,284432.5 GiB33,075
.exe196,364393.8 GiB45,364
.gz4,182,087382.4 GiB551,510
.tgz336,639360.5 GiB155,241
.737,023305.1 GiB2,526
Total46,550,80936.7 TiB9,297,405

Largest Projects by size

Tensorflow dominates this list with 8.9 TiB of uncompressed data, 16% of all data on PyPI.
project nameunique filestotal filestotal linestotal size
tf-nightly85,75020,242,4238,325,796,0682.3 TiB
tf-nightly-cpu80,84219,960,8248,080,533,3161.8 TiB
tf-nightly-gpu70,45711,657,7564,814,002,0481.4 TiB
lalsuite1,719,1539,969,5054,542,135,4541.1 TiB
tensorflow98,1967,807,7272,951,575,175880.0 GiB
paddlepaddle-gpu30,8592,000,670433,161,447856.7 GiB
tensorflow-io-nightly14,020927,623116,109,192742.5 GiB
tf-nightly-cpu-aws50,8008,689,4573,360,275,181708.7 GiB
tensorflow-gpu83,9324,276,5041,575,491,698638.0 GiB
catboost-dev32,526256,62066,348,683582.2 GiB
tf-nightly-intel77,1317,263,5102,958,885,573488.4 GiB
tensorflow-cpu56,0205,031,5941,965,703,970488.2 GiB
tf-nightly-macos26,3875,094,7962,418,774,151476.7 GiB
OpenVisus60,4843,708,820730,470,294437.1 GiB
graphscope-client36,3791,326,694152,810,687432.4 GiB
Total2,522,936108,214,52342,492,072,93713.2 TiB

Stats By Extensions

This only considers the last suffix of the file path as the extension
extensiontotal filestotal linestotal sizeunique files
.py459,664,362120,377,292,2044.4 TiB30,918,078
.h81,745,59024,636,281,178973.3 GiB694,777
No extension58,499,1877,731,007,4322.3 TiB15,638,539
.json53,109,30421,423,529,2731.1 TiB1,592,462
.hpp38,819,1028,000,600,602322.8 GiB280,466
.txt37,401,98517,377,558,597638.7 GiB3,309,905
.js31,129,30412,580,721,1051.0 TiB1,312,362
.png24,946,684899,348495.1 GiB774,733
.rst21,602,7621,356,081,96452.0 GiB1,232,953
.svg17,069,8421,366,621,436171.8 GiB317,196
.pyi16,463,3753,180,214,428105.2 GiB457,005
.html15,214,4532,849,552,520202.8 GiB1,588,763
.yaml11,837,9631,115,674,90740.1 GiB329,836
.pyc10,684,615276,45967.4 GiB4,974,250
.yml10,001,453722,017,27821.4 GiB300,008
Total888,189,981222,718,328,73111.8 TiB63,721,333